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MessageSujet: Le MI6 on FACEBOOK   Ven 6 Nov - 18:20

All the planning application case file documents including
precise location maps, Bird's Eye aerial photos, technical drawings, diagrams,
3D architect visualisations, details of underground garages, guard houses, access gates,
US Marine security quarters and even lists of objector comments from neighbours made to the council

Bird's Eye view looking north across the site for
Project Lennox: the new US Embassy
in Ponton Road, Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall / Battersea, London, SW8
Next to Metropolitan Police Garages and GCDA: Government Car and Despatch Agency ... (more info)
Aerial photo data courtesy of [url:ca72723a56=] – © Microsoft Bing Maps[/url:ca72723a56]
Aerial photo data courtesy of [url:ca72723a56=] – © Blom ASA[/url:ca72723a56]
Lady Shelley,
daughter Corinne
and cat
Tooty Patty
plus Party Time
at Chez Sawers
Doh! MI6 chief Sir John Sawers on Facebook!
How I found all of his personal family photos, friends lists and more
A Mail on Sunday exclusive – 5th July 2009
"Life is a Cabaret" and "wrong presents" japes plus Sir John's son at a Villains
fancy dress party with Darth Vader and Jigsaw and at another as Aladdin
Then meet the extended family — all on Facebook

C in disguise
and all at sea
Which lovely bunny
is the girlfriend of
MI6 boss's son?
It's Miss Cyan!

MI6's swift and brutal revenge?
Secret Bases author Alan Turnbull in shock hospital emergency in September 2009
Legal note: whilst the photo and situation are both genuine and refer to real-life events,
the suggestion of MI6 involvement is pure fiction for comedy effect ... of course!

Data servers and
vehicle depot
hidden somewhere
in "the South East"
EXPOSED – New Top Secret MI5 Spy Centre!
How I found all the architect plans and Bird's Eye aerial photos!
A Mail on Sunday exclusive – 30th November 2008

Cannot be
precisely pinpointed
for reasons of
National Security

USAF airbase once home to Cruise Missiles
is now home to
Secret Bases
Secret Bases is in a Secret Bunker!
From May 2009, this website is hosted on dedicated data servers within
MoD nuclear war command and control bunker on a former USAF airbase
Read the full details

Electromagnetic Pulse EMP
protected high security data
servers in 3 metre thick
concrete blast proof bunker

Click on thumbnails!


Click on thumbnails!

At last – the truth behind an infamous
conspiracy theory surrounding a
legendary underground storage base
finally revealed ...
The astonishing facts are even
stranger than the wild stories!
What on earth is this
and where is it?
There's something
suspiciously familiar
about it!

Oh Mercy — she's back!
Dominatrix Dungeon!
From MI5 surveillance officer's
wife Michelle in Milton Keynes to
Max Mosley's Mistress Abi — but now
Mistress Kiera

Islanders Ahoy!
spy planes
spotted circling over London
intercepting communications

Project Lennox
New US Embassy
in London
Planning application
case files galore!
Trigger Happy
Comparing versions of
aerial photography
to reveal new £5 million
Indoor Weapons Firing Range at
Thames Valley Police Training HQ

Joint Warrior – April 2010
Royal Navy and Royal Air Force
War games off Scotland's coast
Exercise JW 091 11 – 21 May 2009
Exercise JW 092 05 – 23 Oct 2009
Exercise JW 101 12 – 23 Apr 2010
Exercise JW 102 04 – 22 Oct 2010
A funny thing
happened on the way
to the GCHQ Doughnut
An astonishing, comical true story
about the perils of outsourcing
spook recruitment

NATO's Felix Centre
International Training School for
IEDD Improvised Explosive Device
Disposal in the
English countryside
Watch on YouTube!
B-2 Stealth Bomber
Top Secret training mission
to a UK bombing range
Exclusive high quality photo of
B-2 Spirit of Nebraska on the ground
at RAF Fairford

Pilot's Eye Views
A gallery of stunning
aerial photos of
Secret Bases
from my contributor
with a private pilot's licence
Upper Echelon
RAF Menwith Hill's
$31M extension to
Building 1045
Steeplebush II

New exclusive
Pilot's Eye aerial photo
of NSA Echelon
signals intercept station
on the Cornish coast
Spy? Och Aye!
UK's smallest and
most sensitive
spy base at the end
of a Scottish farm track
hidden since 1942

BBC Radio 4 documentary
MI6: Century in the Shadows Secret Vault archive location
Plus exclusive aerial photo
reveals new £30M building
CIA jets caught on Google Earth

New secret HQ under armed guard
Ascent Flight Training joint venture
in 25-year multi-billion pound
UK Military Flying Training System
for Elementary Flying Training and
Hawk 128 Advanced Jet Trainer
War on Terror 2009
Plans reveal massive upgrade of a
former nuclear command and
control bunker into an ultra secure
Internet data server centre
to protect high profile clients

Giant Voice
Architect plans reveal military
base terrorism attack early
warning system upgrade at
secret CIA transmitter site
within disused airfield
in English countryside
Google Earth
Download the official
placemark file to accompany
Secret Bases
created and regularly maintained
by the author of this website

Project MENSA
Architect plans of new
Main Processing Facility (MPF)
for nuclear warhead assembly at
Atomic Weapons Establishment
GCHQ Test Facility
To be hidden in
a forest clearing
Plans and location
maps revealed!

Fighting the Taliban
New UK mock-up
FIBUA facility
Fighting In Built-up Areas
Afghanistan rural village in Norfolk
Secret Bunker
hidden in hillside is store
for official supplier of
weapons and ammo to
UK Police Forces and MoD

Skynet 5
Ariane rocket launches
military satellite
Locations of all UK
ground terminals and telemetry
control stations revealed here
GCHQ Yoo Hoo!
Spy centre's
reveals all
on his own website!

Cameras never lie
MoD announces official closure
of RAF signals unit ...

... but new aerial photos reveal
massive computer upgrade
to hardened bunker
Project HYDRA
The many heads of
SOCA – "the British FBI"
Serious Organised Crime Agency
and the regional
Airwave communications
control centres

Gosh – it's GOSCC!
Corsham's Secrets Exposed
Council publishes MoD architect's
hi-res blueprints for
Basil Hill Barracks and new
GOSCC – Global Operations
and Security Control Centre
UK Trident Missiles
Nuclear warhead storage and
handling facilities in Scotland
on new close-up
high resolution
aerial photography

Watching the Watchers
Where does MI5
get its cars serviced?
Secret Garages
New Bird's Eye
aerial shots
Pan Am Flight 103
Secret scrapyard storage site
is sold to leisure company
for £25M to be developed
into holiday homes

Alex Allan – new head of
Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC)
posts highly sensitive
personal information
on his own website
Son of Star Wars
Ballistic Missile
Defence programme
Did a Google Earth update
reveal a new military satellite
calibration test pattern
at a USAF base in the UK?

Real Spooks Spooked
on official MI5
website exposed
MI5's £20M HQ at
Loughside, Palace Barracks,
Holywood, Belfast
On new Bird's Eye aerial photos
and Google Earth

Shut that door!
All the secrets
hidden inside
GCHQ's Room C3301
accidentally revealed
Typhoon Eurofighter
Weapons arming complex
on some aerial photos
but not others ...
... and not maps

MoD exploits
planning law loophole
for "secret" depots in the
Government Pipelines and
Storage System (GPSS)
Question raised in Parliament
Official UK Parliament
documents finally reveal
the truth about the legendary
Corsham Computer Centre (CCC)

SAS Training Base
Courses in
defensive driving and
close protection
in a not-so-sleepy
English country village
Burlington Outed
Government declassifies
former Top Secret plans
of Corsham's
Burlington Bunker

Shurely a mishtake
What was a
Integrated Weapons Complex (IWC)
doing in Basra, Iraq
and now bombed-out?
ITV News
Appearance as
"expert commentator"
on story of terrorists using
Google Earth to plot attacks

Northwood Hills
Permanent Joint Headquarters
PJHQ Command and
Control Bunker
New Bird's Eye aerial photo
Works Access Only
Where does that mystery
M4 slip road go?
Why aren't you allowed to use it?
Secret Motorway Junctions

Bunker For Sale
Symantec Corporation
computer anti-virus company's
Security Operations Centre (SOC)
Underground bunker is abandoned
mock–up jet hidden in a
forest clearing in Herefordshire
Revealed in hi–res
Google Earth imagery

communications bunkers
Locations revealed in
close–up aerial photos
Fort Halstead
Forensic Explosives Laboratory
where London and Glasgow
terrorist attack vehicles
were sent for analysis

Search this site & all the web


the Scenes


Media Hysteria

Pilot's Eye Views
Exclusive aerial
photos Secret Bases
A funny thing
happened on the way
to the GCHQ Doughnut

Project Lennox
Plans of new London
US Embassy
a photographic
guided tour

Research Tools

Trident Missile Base

Rendition Flights
at RAF Northolt

AFI Research

US National Security
Agency NSA Echelon
station GCHQ Bude
Eye Spy
UK Secrets series
UK Secrets 1
Tempest and
UK Secrets 2
Watching the
UK Secrets 3
Testing Trade
Plans of new GCHQ
test facility hidden
in Forest of Dean

For Sale

For Sale

For Sale

For Sale

For Sale

Site Map

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Nombre de messages : 81
Date d'inscription : 25/08/2009

MessageSujet: Re: Le MI6 on FACEBOOK   Ven 6 Nov - 18:21

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